Terezia Barna
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Terezia Barna


I am a leader in all things digital.  I get excited to work on projects ranging from app development, website creation, email marketing, content development and strategy.



For the past five years, I have been focused on helping clients work with digital agencies.  I have led and managed client relationships from inception to project completion.  

I have over 16 years of project and program management experience with global cross-functional teams.



Client Reviews

Terezia was the ideal project manager. She had excellent communication, kept us focused and in budget. She has impeccable attention to detail - without her, our product wouldn’t have reached half the level of quality we achieved. Since completion of the project, she has been on hand for troubleshooting and helped with our vision on expansion and adaptation. I look forward to using her in the future, and can’t recommend her highly enough. She is prompt, responsive, and knowledgeable in so many different fields, and really built a strong relationship with all of us.
— Alessandra Torre, New York Times Bestselling Author
Terezia has managed projects on a contract basis for The DESARA Group over the past few years and there is no one I trust more. One thing I love about working with her is that she is very specific in asking questions and clarifying the next action I need to take so that she can move the project forward. She breaks projects down into manageable chunks and gently nudges me forward to be sure we achieve the goals I’ve laid out. I appreciate how conscientious she is in each deliverable. She has never let me down. I have never asked her to do anything that she couldn’t figure out how to do, and do to the standards I’d set for myself (not to mention faster).
— Karen Rawson - Vice President, The DESARA Group